Cap'n Jevins




Jevins is a part-time production assistant and freelance artist who is looking to increase his breadth of expertise in a variety of practical and creative skills. Creativity and self-sufficiency are two of his highest values, and he believes that seeking work as a freelancer will help to hone his skills while working to benefit the creative pursuits of others. People who have something to do with his taxes refer to him as Jordan Nevins.


2016-2018 Production Assistant, Allsorts Inc. Custom Fabrication

- Assists in the construction, delivery, and installation of set pieces, as well as the maintenance of the Allsorts workshop. Construction includes a multitude of carpentry tasks, such as the construction of flats, shelving units, closets and a variety of shapes often used to decorate photo sets. Other construction tasks involve the use of laminates, sprays and paints. Aside from construction, there is a matter of social responsibility when dealing with the delivery of items to a set, which usually involves polite communication with the client, creative, last-minute adjustments, and speedy installation.

2017 Freelance Carpenter, Marathon of One-Act Plays, Ensemble Studio Theater

 - Assisted in the construction of a modular set composed of several, multi-panel, pivoting walls. The wall panels connected via hinges at aluminum poles, some of which were secured to the floor, while others were mounted to circular bases equipped with ball-bearings to allow for the repositioning of that axis along the stage. Some wall panels also included functioning doors that could be hidden with removable panels.

2017, Freelance Sculptor, Gulliver's Gate, Radii Inc.

 - Sculpted miniature pediments and statues using Magic Sculpt brand epoxy putty for the Washington D.C. section of Gulliver's Gate. Statues sculpted include the Jefferson Memorial statue, The Statue of Freedom, The Authority of Law, The Supreme Court Pediments, among others.


Creative skills: Drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture/jewelry and carpentry

Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite Softwares: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects

Proficiency in a variety of power tools, including: Routers, jigsaws, panel-saws, table-saws, chop-saws, drills and impact drills, Dremel tools, pneumatic nail-guns and staplers, etc.


2013-2016 Parsons School of Design, BFA in Illustration

2011-2013 Attended Cornish College of the Arts